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I can help you to quickly:

  • reduce your stress levels

  • overcome anxiety

  • beat panic attacks and phobias

  • Overcome depression

  • Recover from tiredness or poor sleep

  • Recover from  trauma, including PTSD

Individual Counselling with Carole Nyman, Counsellor in North LondonHuman Givens Therapy is particularly effective in understanding and relieving these distressing conditions.  This is true even if you have been suffering for quite some time.

We will work together to identify your strengths and build on them.

That will enable you to take steps to get your essential needs met.

This in turn will enable you to experience a new sense of wellbeing so that you will quickly start to feel much better.

Give me a call now on 07941 914 689...

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Don’t wait any longer to feel better

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